GR 250 UL

Cube Dicers

Belt granulator for rubber and synthetic material GR 250 UL. For the production of uniform cubic-shaped granulate. The cut is shissors-like: the band granulator is composed of two sets of circular knives wich revolve in the opposite direction and are intermeshing. They convey the ribbon and cut it into strips. The width of the strips corresponds to the thickness of the circular blades. To prevent the strips from wrapping around the disc cylinders, a comb intervenes in each cylinder with the task of removing the strips from the cracks existing between the circular blades. The strips arrive on the counterblade next to each other and here they are cut, in a cubic shape, by the rotating blade tree. Widia blades and counterblades can be installed on request for longer tool life.

Misure granuli (circa) mm. 3×3 / 5×5 / 8×8 / 10×10
Spessore max nastro* mm. 3(3×3) / 5(5×5) / 8(8×8) / 10(10×10)
Max tape width mm. 235
Velocità alimentazione (circa) 11,5 mt./1′
Pneumatic Talcator (optional)
Variable speed with digital inverter system (optional)


Hourly production*

Set all values

SAGITTA is as always available to perform granulation tests with customer’s material at its headquarters in order to follow him in the choice of the best machine suited to the production requirements.

Absorbed power max. 7,5 kW
Power supply three-phase 400 Volt 50/60 Hz

Machine dimensions with assembled table cm. 95 x 128 x 140 h.
Net Weight Kg. 537

*To be confirmed based on the tupe of material to be processed
Technical features are indicative and non-binding


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