The Company


1947 – The courage to start.

Alberto Bocca sets up a workshop to build shoemaking machinery for local shoe factories. Sagitta
Sagitta soon rises to a prominent position and makes a decisive contribution to the development
of the Italian shoe industry.

1960 – Growing success

Italian-made shoes play an important part in Italy export boom of the early
60s. The first foreign orders come in and Sagitta soon proves itself on the foreign markets.
The Sagitta brand becomes increasingly well known, in Italy and abroad, and the production department can hardly keep up
with the inflow of orders. The old workshop is now too small.
Sagitta builds a new factory that was later expanded several times.

1980 – Keeping up with the times.

Sagitta has a highly developed organisational system with many layers of technological know-how and
skill. Process automation is gradually introduced, department by department, depending on the production
system adopted, and taking care to preserve the company traditions and time-honoured roles.
Integrated factory methods co-exist with traditional manufacturing and this means that there is scope for a wide range of valuable skills. At Sagitta, quality is a tangible concept considered crucial to customer satisfaction. The entire production process, from manufacturing planning to finished product delivery, is subject to strict quality control procedures Sagitta spa that directly involve both process managers and workers. Sophisticated, advanced dimensional testing  equipment is used to check finished part size.

2013 – Continuity and constant renewal.

A new Factory with low energy consumption, new high-tech machines, cutting edge manufacturing
process, motivated and skilled people to face up the challenges of future.


Industry 4.0 is a movement that affects the entire industrial chain, allowing to organize and manage
automatically big data: IoT (Internet of Things).
These are technologies that are already transforming the way we design, manufacture and distribute
any product.
Industry 4.0 redefines the company working methods and how to make the products.
For SAGITTA customers, Industry 4.0 is the present.


Our machines for Folding, Skiving, Splitting, Tape-Applying, Insole Binding, Perforating, Glueing, Rivetting, Eyeletting, to attach Nailheads, Studs, to decorate with Laser, for the Footwear and Leathergoods industry; our Band Granulators, Cube Dicers, our cutting machines for Rubber Sleeves, for Elastomers, for Gaskets for the rubber and elastomers industry are build follwing the “COMPLETE QUALITY CYCLE”.
Within SAGITTA, quality is tangible and indicates the importance we attribute to customer’s satisfaction.
The production process, from manufacturing to finished product delivery, is subject to quality control procedures that directly involve process managers and workers.


Thanks to the high quality materials, to the great care and precision and to the technical solution
adopted in the manufacturing, Sagitta machines require minimum maintenance. Anyway a wide net of
resellers and Trade Companies assure a quick and efficient service.

SAGITTA® is a registered trademark of SAGITTA SPA Vigevano, Italy and is protected by international laws. Only SAGITTA SPA is legally authorized to use this brand. SAGITTA SPA builds only in Italy and does NOT have agreements with other companies for the use of its brand. Beware of counterfeits and imitations!

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