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Green Label – Labelling system for the energy-environmental performance of technologies in the sector.

Growing consumer awareness of environmental issues and the desire to purchase guaranteed products is driving the manufacturing industry towards energy-efficient production models that are less polluting and more respectful of ethical and safety standards.

SAGITTA, part of the National Association of Manufacturers of Footwear, Leathergoods and Tanning Technologies (Assomac), contributes to the “Supplier of Sustainable Technologies” project by placing the “Green Label” on its machines.


The Green Label is a voluntary process enabling companies in the sector to inform end customers of their efficiency parameters and the reduced environmental impact of their technology.

The Green Label is an intuitive tool that confirms the efficiency and environmental impact of a machine, examined via its Carbon Footprint, as internationally recognised and calculated via Life Cycle Assessments.

Machinery and technology in the supply chain play a major role in the standard of a manufacturing process, making it efficient and sustainable.

Sagitta’s machines, strictly Made in Italy, ate already known globally for their quality and reliability, from henceforth they take on further importance as they are made following efficient quality standards which also take account environmental compatibility!

Green Label” implies the use of innovative, high-performance, safe and environmentally friendly technologies and processes.

Knowledge of the expertise and high technological standards delivered make the entire sector stronger. Not only are efficient manufacturing, waste reduction and the saving of energy and materials environmentally essential, they are also a socio-economic commitment to future generations

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