The splitting machines are designed to equalize or reduce the thickness of natural or synthetic leather parts by performing splitting operations. The procedure consists of removing a part of the material on the flesh side until obtaining the desired thickness.

The cutting process is performed by a rotating band-knife tool group driven by a electrical motor, the material feed system makes use an electronically controlled variable speed motor. The machine features a control panel for its operating functions and two efficient suction and filtering systems for the treatment of residue from band-knife sharpening and material processing operations.

Various materials in any shape and size are split into different layers with greatest precision.
Through this splitting process, uneven materials can be brought to uniform thickness, or the initial thickness reduced to a final measure.
Incision splitting is one of numerous options that can be applied.
The endless band knife allows a permanent sharpening during the process.
Automatic positioning and compensation for knife consumption. The knife adjustment is automatic.


For Sagitta splitting machines the sharpening is made by micrometric adjustment.
The use of “borazon” long life grinding wheels allows a perfect sharpening.

The Sagitta splitting machine is equipped with overturning guide bar and guide roll which can be easily replaced without removing any mechanical part. Independent exhauster units for scraps and emery dust with relevant separate containers

Splitting machines for Shoes and leather goods
In the production linked to shoes and leather goods, the splitting machine allow to divide/split and equalize or “reduce” the leather in the thickness in order to improve the quality of the finished product.

The final product of this working, equalization or “reduction” is a leather ready to become a shoe or leather goods (for example bags, wallets, belts, etc..) The hides used in this sectors are always finished leathers and in dry.

– Sagitta Leather Splitting Machine operate a thinning from 8mm down to 0.1mm –
– Up to 550mm width. ( 55cm or 21.5inches) –
– Any length –
– One offs to Large batch quantities undertaken –
– Quick turn around on small batches –
– Any thickness from 8mm down to 0.1mm (material permitting) –

Leather thinning or splitting is the specialist preparation of your leather to a thinner thickness needed for your required work.This is carried out using the latest electronically controlled machine made from SAGITTA in Italy the home of high class leather work! To process the leather by slicing the back or splitting the leather in half to leave the top layer the desired finished thickness down to 0.1mm. This is done leaving a smooth finish on the back of the leather.

This process also levels out the surface of the leather as many leathers vary in thickness across the hide. Part splitting is also possible for items where an edge needs to be thinner than the rest for turning around something.


Many original interiors like Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Porsche etc use thinned or split leather to cover intricate areas, like sun visors, dash areas and gear knobs. This service allows you to replicate those intricate areas with ease using the same leather you are doing the rest of the leatherwork in. Most Automotive hides are about 1.5mm thick and some models use 0.5mm on intricate areas. Send us an area of your leather to thin, up to a maximum width of 550mm (21.5inch) by any length and we will reduce the leather down to your required finished thickness with a smooth and even finish to work with.

Leatherwork & Craft.
Whatever you specialize in making in leather from one off items to large batches we all occasionally get stuck with the material being the wrong thickness to work with. From bookbinding leather to saddlers leather we all aim for the same quality and ease of production for our items. This process enables you to chose the leather you want by looks rather than its thickness!

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