Electronic Splitting Machine for elastomers

RSP55 SX is an electronic splitting machine for polyurethane, rubber, plastic and other elastomers

Technical Data
Working width 550 mm.
Max thickness 20 mm. (RSP55 SX 20)
Max thickness 60 mm. (RSP55 SX 60)
Min. thickness 0,2 mm.
Cutting tollerance 0,1 mm.
2 Digital display of upper and lower cutting thickness
adjustable separately.
Automatic positioning and compensation for knife consumption.
High precision knife guide plate with automatic adjustment
Special device to allow the table entry to be always parallel to the cutting knife.
Sharpening by micrometric adjustment
Electronic adjustment of the feed speed by inverter from 1 up to 20 mt./min.
Knife tension indicator
Special device for knife lubrication
Upper feed roller
Lower feed roller with adjustment of the pressure
Grinding waste exhauster
Optical group to control the chamfer position and symmetry.
Absorbed power max. 3,5 kW
Power supply three-phase 400 Volt 50/60 Hz

Machine dimensions cm. 170 x 100 x 120 h.
Machine weight Kg 860

Technical features are indicative and non-binding

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